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During the spring of 2010 Oregon State University leaders announced a plan to add new faculty positions for 2010-11.  The search committees for these new positions are to include a tenured faculty member from outside the hiring department or school who is trained as a Search Advocate. 

Identifying Search Advocates

Current research findings from the Education Advisory Board suggest that faculty are most receptive to information about unconscious bias when it is presented by respected faculty peers who can cultivate a blame-free environment for discussing this topic.  As you seek tenured senior faculty members willing to perform the Search Advocate role for your Provost’s Initiative positions, please consider these characteristics as well as their interest in/commitment to faculty diversity.  A number of faculty members have provided strong affirmative action awareness and commitment to OSU search committees for many years; the Search Advocate program allows OSU to extend this expertise, service, and responsibility more broadly through the university community.  Search Advocates need not be female faculty or faculty of color; the Search Advocate role is open to faculty members of any race, ethnicity, gender, or other identity affiliation. 

Search Advocate Workshop Requirements

Search Advocate faculty volunteers complete a two-workshop series covering current research on unconscious bias and strategies to address bias and enhance diversity in faculty search and selection.  Both workshops are necessary, and are best completed within a few weeks of each other.  We are grateful for a department chair’s proposal that Search Advocates have the option to begin working with search committees after Session I, on the condition that they complete Session II within a month or so.  This allows time for faculty to complete the series and work with the search committee in addition to meeting their other obligations.  Therefore, Search Advocates serving on a committee this fall should complete Session I as soon as possible, and complete Session II shortly thereafter but no later than early November; candidate review should not begin until the Search Advocate completes both sessions.  Because Search Advocate participation with the search committee begins before the position is advertised, both workshop sessions are offered a number of times in September (many disciplines have immediate fall advertising deadlines).  

Request Search Advocate for Your Committee

Hiring departments, schools, or colleges should review the list of Search Advocates and contact individuals to invite them to serve on their committees.  Please work directly with Search Advocates to determine their interest and availability.

If you have questions or would like assistance identifying a Search Advocate, please contact Anne Gillies (541-737-0865 or anne.gillies@oregonstate.edu)

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