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Employees with disabilities needing assistance should apply to their departments. If a department is unable to provide accommodation, the request is forwarded to the Office of Equal Opportunity and Access (EOA). EOA, working with other appropriate administrative units, will determine whether or not accommodation can be made and, if necessary, assist departments in securing resources. Contact: Office of Equal Opportunity and Access (541-737-3556).


The Director of Disability Access Services (DAS) has the responsibility for providing services to students with disabilities. DAS funds auxiliary aids such as interpreters, note takers, alternative testing, and taped text books. This office administers the procedures by which students disclose a disability and request access. Contact: Disability Services (541-737-4098).


University services, programs, and activities must be accessible to individuals with disabilities which may include customers, clients, and members of the public. Individual units are responsible for providing access to unit-based information and services. If a department or college is unable to fund the necessary accommodations, a request for funds may be forwarded to the EOA. The EOA will make a request for funding to the appropriate administrative unit. Contact: Office of Equal Opportunity and Access (541-737-3556).


The Office of Equal Opportunity and Access is responsible for overseeing compliance with regard to state and federal regulations that prohibit discrimination on the basis of disability and require reasonable accommodation. Complaints of discrimination based on disability may be filed in the OEI. Contact: Office of Equal Opportunity and Access (541-737-3556).


The President appoints the Commission on the Status of Individuals with Disabilities (COSID) to provide information and recommendations relating to the needs and concerns of students, staff, and faculty with disabilities. According to bylaws, the purpose of COSID is to promote an awareness of the needs of persons with disabilities, and to promote full access to University programs, events, and activities.

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