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Culture as an Influencing Factor in Adolescent Grief and Bereavement (PDF)
Lopez, S. A. (2011). Culture as an influencing factor in adolescent grief and bereavement. The Prevention Researcher, 18(3), 10-13.

The Social-Cultural Contexts of Loss (PDF)
Rubin, S. S., Malkinson, R. & Witztum, E. (2012). Working With the Bereaved: Multiple Lenses on Loss and Mourning. Hoboken: Routledge.


Concerns about Bullying at Work as Heard by Organizational Ombudsmen (PDF)
Cummings, L., & Rowe, M. (2010). Concerns about bullying at work as heard by organizational ombudsmen. LERA, 1-5.


Barriers to Equality: The Power of Subtle Discrimination to Maintain Unequal Opportunity ( PDF)
Rowe, M. (1990). Barriers to equality: The power of subtle discrimination to maintain unequal opportunity. Employee Responsibilities and Rights Journal, 3(2), 153-163.

Micro-affirmations & Micro-inequities (PDF)
Rowe, M. (2008). Micro-affirmations & micro-inequities. Journal of the International Ombudsman Association, 1(1), 1-9.

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