The Office of Equal Opportunity and Access

541-737-3556, 330 Snell Hall

EOA is responsible for coordinating the University’s response to sexual harassment, unwanted sexual contact, stalking, and relationship violence. The office’s responsibility is to respond to any reports of these matters quickly and fairly, and to correct the situation immediately. Examples of immediate; assistance can include: academic/living accommodations, No Contact Orders, and resource referral. Reporting to EOA will not initiate a criminal investigation but may initiate an investigation under OSU’s Student Conduct Code. You have the right to report to law enforcement in addition to reporting with EOA. The office can provide assistance to you if you choose to file a report with law enforcement. Please be advised that as part of the University investigation and response to allegations involving students, our office may alert the Associate Vice Provost for Student Affairs and Dean of Student Life, in the Office of Student Life, as appropriate. If so, an administrator from that office may; contact you to provide additional support, guidance, and/or follow up.

Complete Description of Investigatory Processes and Procedures

Make a Report to EOA



Oregon State Police/OSU Department of Public Safety

541-737-7000 (Emergency), 541-737-3010 (Non-Emergency)

Provides emergency assistance for survivors, protection, and safety consultation. Utilizes a comfortable and safe room with experienced troopers to report an incident. Available 24/7.

Corvallis Police Department


Responds to immediate safety concerns and to all violations of criminal law. Available 24/7.

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