Employees with disabilities in need of assistance should contact the Office of Equal Opportunity and Access (EOA). EOA will work with the employee, supervisor, and potentially other appropriate administrative units to determine whether or not a reasonable accommodation can be made. EOA will assist departments in securing resources.

Submit a Request for Accommodations or call 541-737-3556

Remote Work/Teaching Accommodations

Note about COVID related continued remote work and remote teaching requests from employees. In order to have enough time to process requests for Fall Term 2021, we can not guarantee requests made after September 14, 2021 will be answered in time for the start of the term. For Winter Term 2022, we can not guarantee requests made after November 5, 2021 will be answered in time for the start of the term.

Job Applicants

To request a disability-related accommodation in any aspect of the recruitment and selection process, job applicants or prospective job applicants may contact EOA or the hiring unit listed on the job posting. 

Submit a Request for Accommodations or call 541-737-3556


The Director of Disability Access Services (DAS) has the responsibility for providing services to students with disabilities. DAS provides or funds auxiliary aids such as interpreters, note takers, alternative testing, and alternative formats. DAS also administers the procedures by which students disclose a disability and request an accommodation.

Contact: Disability Access Services (541-737-4098).

Visitors & Community Members

Individuals with disabilities wanting to engage in university programs, services, and activities, such as through event attendance or through seeking accessible information, should contact the office or individual listed as a contact for that office. Typically this contact information is provided at the bottom of event advertisements/flyers, and on brochures and other print materials. This information can usually be found online as well.

Additional Accommodation Categories

EOA also manages other accommodation processes such as for religion and pregnancy using a process very similar to that of disability accommodations.

In addition, Oregon State University is committed to ensuring that our programs and activities, normally provided in English, are accessible to Limited English Proficiency (LEP) persons. Upon request, the university will provide appropriate alternative non-English formats for persons with limited proficiency in English.

Complaint Procedures

EOA is responsible for overseeing compliance with regard to state and federal regulations that prohibit discrimination on the basis of a protected status. Complaints of discrimination or of wrongful accommodation denial may be filed with EOA.