Oregon State University is dedicated to promoting and fostering a safe environment for all students, staff, and faculty. As an employer and educational institution, OSU has a responsibility to take reasonable steps to eliminate sexual misconduct of any kind, including sexual harassment, sexual assault, intimate partner violence, sexual exploitation, and stalking. We must also work to prevent their recurrence and to address their effects. The office charged with investigating complaints of sexual misconduct is the Office of Equal Opportunity and Access and the office's Executive Director, Kim Kirkland, Ed. D, is the university's Title IX Coordinator.

Sexual Misconduct Resources and Information for Students

Find out more about confidential and non-confidential resources, your rights, filing reports with the university or law enforcement, and more.

Sexual Misconduct Resources and Information for Employees

Find out more about responding to student disclosures of sexual misconduct, your reporting responsibilities, information on your resources and options if you experience sexual misconduct, and more.