U.S. Military Service Veterans are underrepresented in the workforce and are disproportionately unemployed.

  • The benchmark for veteran employment is 5.9%

The majority of veterans describe their transition to civilian life as difficult, and name “finding a job” the greatest challenge. Approximately 2/3 of veterans experienced a difficult transition from military to civilian life. Aside from difficulties of the current job market, one of the greatest challenges veterans report in finding a job is explaining how their military skills translate to the civilian workforce. Nearly all believe they have the skills needed to land their ideal job, but the majority express concerns about how to translate their skills to a business environment.

Most feel their military service is respected by employers, but three in five veterans express concerns about cultural barriers. Around half are specifically concerned about employers not understanding military culture. Employed veterans are more likely to feel valued, while unemployed veterans are more likely to believe their experience is not respected nor understood by employers.

We can help Veterans in the interviews by asking questions, looking at their transferrable skills, and getting acquainted with military language and terminology.

(Adapted from Veterans Employment Challenges)


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